Pesa Otas! Otile Brown treats fans to surprise lunch in CBD


Kenyan RnB vocalist Otile Brown on Saturday offered his fans an unexpected lunch.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, the ‘Pulverize’ vocalist went out in the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) and began doling out money to bystanders.

The demonstration that got numerous off guard the vocalist cause tumult along Moi Avenue as individuals mixed to get a bit of Otile Brown’s lunch treat.

He dished out cash!

As per the vocalist, his demonstration was motivated by the way that he was once in indistinguishable circumstance from a great many people in the avenues of Nairobi and he didn’t have anything.

He added that he used to stroll in the roads of Nairobi trusting he would pick 50 shillings to use as transport charge home since he didn’t have anything.

Otile Brown noticed that he trusted what he was doing would help somebody that was in need at that specific time.

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“God has regarded me and I’m feeling extraordinary today. I’m having a craving for gift my kin with the little that I have. I’m not well off, I’m not so rich but rather natumai kwamba kile kidogo nilichojaliwa nacho nibariki jamaa zangu na mashabiki detestable abhorrent in the city. You realize I originated from nothing na kuna wakati ambapo nilikuwa natembea sana kwenye hizi lanes na kuna wakati sikuwa na passage. Nilikuwa natembea kwenye hizi roads nikitamani angalau niokote hata kama ni 50 bounce iwe ni admission yangu inifikishe nyumbani so natumai hapa kwenye boulevards kuna mtu ambaye ako kwenye circumstance hiyo huenda hana passage amepiga michakato yake, amepiga mishe zake lakini hazijakuwa. So kwa kile kidogo amabacho nitakuwa nikipeana natumai kwamba kitakuwa kimemsaidia mtu kwa njia moja ama nyingine,” said Otile Brown.

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