“Funga duka, tutajisort na Samantha,” showbiz terrible kid Shaffie Weru applauds back at Huddah Monroe and Kenyan women


FungaDukaChallenge is the most recent fever clearing crosswise over online networking.

Kenyan ladies have settled that they are ‘shutting the shop’ for example denying their accomplices sex and, of course, this has not run down well with numerous men who love to test their room abilities from time to time.

Everything began when a lady named Carol took to internet based life to uncover her school beau for his philandering ways.

In a self-recorded video, the wonderful young lady uncovered how her beau how the man, Michael, and his companions have been laying down with up to six ladies in multi day.

She had been uninformed pretty much this until one day when somebody called her ‘lady was kichinjio’, which freely means ‘young lady from the slaughterhouse’.

Caro announced that she will never again have intercourse with Michael until he gets tried for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and demonstrates that he isn’t a piece of the sexcapade group.

Days after the fact, Huddah Monroe ran over the ‘lady was kichinjio’ video via web-based networking media and asked Caro to connect with her so she can demonstrate her what to do to ‘duping young men’. Caro slid into her DM and both of them had a protracted dialog.

In an impossible move, the socialite said she will stay chaste for whatever remains of the year and encouraged other ladies to stick to this same pattern.


As indicated by Huddah, her choice was for the most part determined by the need to consider men responsible for the activities. She clarified that the time had come to change the account since men have treated ladies like seriously for quite a while.

Her post drew mixed reactions from social media users, while most women vowed to heed her advice, most men dismissed her.

Among those who weren’t too pleased is showbiz badboy Shaffie Weru. The radio host posted a video on his Instagram page on Monday asking the ladies to close their shops if they want to.

Shaffie Weru

He revealed that the boychild has too many options at their disposal, including the Samantha sex doll, and won’t be affected even one bit Kenyan ladies execute their threats.

Although Huddah is yet to respond to Shaffie, the exchange of words between the two has caused a buzz on social media. Whose side are you on between the two? Are you #TeamShaffie or #TeamHuddah? Leave a comment below.

Follow the conversation online on #FungaDukaChallenge.

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