I am 33! Artist Avril Nyambura at last uncovers her genuine age!


Artist Avril Nyambura isn’t afraid to discuss her age like generally women do. Indeed she considers this a gift and keeping in mind that other ladies demand keeping their genuine age on the low she as of late revealed it while on a meeting on Radio Jambo.

Regardless of resembling a 20 something year old woman, Avril Nyambura will really be turning 33 years soon. Avril unhesitatingly affirmed this truism that the she has adapted a significant number of things throughout the years and isn’t embarrassed about the individual she has moved toward becoming.

singer Avril

“I am turning 33 this year. Me I am pleased with my age, I am exceptionally glad for my age in light of the fact that every single year kuna kitu kimefanyika maishani mwangu and I am pleased with the measure of time I have taken to be my identity and to keep doing what I do. Being a mum in my 30s has came at a lucky time. Maisha ni kama kitabu kila section inafaa kuwa na story yake. Nimeingia part fulani in my 30s which I find stunning. Parenthood is stunning.”

Having been honored with a kid at 32 years old years; the vocalist says she is more than thankful to have her very own group. She however keeps both her son and baby daddy on the low and till date we know very little about her new life.

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