“Am i your Husband or your brother?” Gospel singer, Bahati publicly slams wife


Being Bahati’ Reality TV show has freely excited embarrassments in the artist’s family unit without stop.

On the as of late publicized ‘Being Bahati’ scene, Diana Marua springs up news that she will travel Italy.

This comes in without Bahati’s learning.

Bahati discovers this very insolent, in light of the way that, it is supper time and visitors are available, at that point out of the blue, Surprise!

Promptly the journeys leave, this is the craftsman’s response to his better half:

Gospel singer, Bahati with wife, Diana Marua

“Nielezee kama mimi ni bwanako ama kakako”

For one, in the event that anything, we at any rate anticipate that the couple should deal with their own issues behind the cameras without having us get included.

Sadly, it appears marriage doesn’t have edicts or standards and guidelines, so things occur, out of the blues.

Also, this move by Diana Marua is out and out that.

The group of onlookers ought to at any rate appear to be amazed, however not one of these two.

Bahati´wife, Diana Marua with their 1 year old daughter, Heaven Bahati

Question is, by what method will the little girl be left without a mother, since she needs to enjoy this outing abroad, to one of her relatives.

What is ringing in Bahati’s brain is how a 1 year old will be left at home, while the mother is out on leisure activity?

Something isn’t cooking directly in the kitchen!

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