‘I have swapped over 5000 babies for 12 years’ Ailing nurse confesses on her hospital bed


Elizabeth Mwewa admitted her wrongdoings on her emergency clinic bed – The previous medical caretaker who is experiencing malignancy uncovered she traded around 5,000 infants while working at the emergency clinic – Mwewa included that it turned into a propensity and she used to do it for the sake of entertainment – The wiped out attendant approached God for pardoning

Medical attendants are viewed as parental figures in the clinic and patients should feel sheltered and dealt with in their charge. Be that as it may, a few medical attendants have turned out to be the villain in human structure.

I swapped about 5,000 Babies in 12 years I worked in maternity ward at UTH – Elizabeth Mwewa

A Zambian medical caretaker, Elizabeth Mwewa, has admitted her wrongdoings on her wiped out bed as she approached God for absolution, Zambian Observer revealed. The attendant who used to work at The University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Zambia admitted that she has traded more than 5,000 infants amid 12 years of administration.

“I have terminal malignant growth and I realize I will color soon. I wish to admit my transgressions before God and before all the influenced individuals particularly the individuals who were conceiving an offspring at UTH amid my administration,” she said.

According to the elderly woman, she is now born again and did not want to hide anything that would stop her from visiting the land of honey and milk. ” I have nothing to hide, In the 12 years I worked in the maternity ward at UTH, I swapped close to 5,000 babies,” she confessed. Mwewa added that it became a habit and she used to do it for fun while acknowledging that she has sinned against God and Zambians and would want them to forgive her.

“I realize I trespassed against God and may he pardon me for that. I am additionally approaching Zambians to excuse me for the underhanded things I was doing to blameless kids. I have made some dependable couples separate in the wake of going for DNA Tests,” she said.

She likewise put the fault on the fiend whom she asserted was utilizing her to submit the transgressions she’s most remorseful about.

“I have made numerous moms breastfeed kids who are not theirs organically. I would prefer not to push off for that, I’m extremely sorry I have trespassed a great deal. It would be ideal if you excuse me,” she asked.

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