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Chantal Grazioli lands safely in Kenya , Eric Omondi can´t keep calm

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Chantal Grazioli is back to Kenya for the wet Christmas Season and Eric Omondi is not about to give us breathing space.

If anything, he shouts it loud into our ears. In an Insta clip he shared over the weekend, he parades Chantal´s shoe closet that is packed with shoe designs of all kinds.

Eric then poses ¨Guess whose back for Christmas???¨ The focus then shifts to one Italian beauty, Chantal who is apparently back to Kenya ahead of the festivities.

Sitting at her dressing mirror, Chantal seems pretty excited to be around and probably can´t wait to spend more time with Eric.

Eric Omondi with his all-time Italian girl, Chantal Grazioli

¨Karibu Christmas. Welcome. Welcome to Kenya.¨ Eric closes off.

Sharing the post, he believes this comes as a lesson to most young people who get into relationships that end up nasty and enemies created.

However, he believes, despite a breakup between him and Chantal, their friendship bond remains and probably much stronger.

This still goes out to all the young people out there, I hope this will be a good lesson that it doesn’t always have to end badly, Don’t kill yourself or physically hurt people because you are separating or can’t be together anymore. It’s never really that serious. The people you meet in your life are precious, they may leave today and be back in the future or never at all.

The International award-winning comedy act is also pretty excited to have Chantal around him. A side of him naturally shows itself – his smile and laugh so natural.

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