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Sonko: I have HIV, chronic TB and epileptic attacks

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My Chances of Survival Are Very Minimal

Sonko claimed he was HIV positive and epileptic and had Chronic Tuberculosis and peptic ulcers

He was taken to KNH on Tuesday after he complained of chest pains

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was yesterday taken from remand prison to hospital as court documents revealed the diseases he suffered from prior to his release from jail 18 years ago.

Doctors attending to the governor at Kenyatta National Hospital did not say what he was being treated for but Sonko’s handlers said he suffered chest pains and high blood pressure. 

Sonko was in Kamiti Prison awaiting his bail application ruling by chief magistrate Douglas Ogoti today.

The governor has been charged with money laundering and unlawful acquisition of public property.

He is accused of irregularly awarding tenders to his close aides, forging documents and misappropriating county funds.  He denied the charges Monday.

The 44-year old gold-loving Sonko is a divisive politician who has previously faced and denied allegations of drug trafficking and money laundering, according to the BBC.

“Due to the urgency of the medical treatment of accused one (Mike Sonko), though disputed, it’s ordered that his admission to hospital will be certified by the prisons medical center in the presence of his physician in order to be escorted to any other hospital for his medical attention as soon as that can be arranged,” the magistrate noted.

“Recently, prison authorities accused him of escaping from a maximum facility 20 years ago,” BBC reported recently. 

Court papers filed by the office of Director of Public Prosecutions say Sonko claimed in an affidavit that he was ailing from at least four life-threatening conditions as he sought to secure his release from prison 18 years ago.

In new documents obtained by the Star, the governor had in 2001 said in an affidavit that he was HIV positive and epileptic.

Sonko also said in an affidavit that he was suffering from chronic tuberculosis and peptic ulcers.


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