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Is it Shaffie or Jeff? As terrible accident involves a Mercedes Benz G class

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Kenyans are yet to observe a dubious week as the famous radio moderator and online networking character precludes the claims from securing being included on a mishap yesterday. The cases came to fruition after a mishap happened along the Northern by-go in Nairobi including a lorry and a Mercedes G-Wagon which is asserted to have a place Shaffie Weru.

Mercedes Benz G class involved in grisly road accident

This happened after the charges had been dropped off the resident TV moderator Jeff Koinange. Jeff Koinange had been asserted to be the proprietor of the Mercedes G-Wagon before the one of his companions tweeted that it was not him who had been associated with the mishap as he was on a visit with his child at the hour of the mishap. Jeff’s companion by the name Xtian Dela, in his twitter account denied Jeff being the unfortunate casualty off the mishap and transported it to Shaffie Weru. In his tweet, Della expressed: “Just conversed with @KoinangeJeff. He is fine. He is headed to Baringo. The G-Wagon associated with the mishap was with Shaffie Weru and not Jeff Koinange.

Shaffie Weru, then again, rushed to evade away the bits of gossip expressing that he had not been engaged with a mishap and that he was at the scene to support the people in question. In his announcements, he anyway expressed that it was a companion of his who had been engaged with a mishap while originating from a golf occasion held at suburbia of the city. In his tweet, Shaffie expressed that:

“I was not associated with any auto accident, at all. I had gone there to help the mishap unfortunate casualty, who is my companion. On the off chance that you definitely take a gander at the photos doing the rounds via web-based networking media, you will spot me wearing shoes and some shorts, attempting to help where I can. That should reveal to you that I wasn’t associated with the mishap. My `companion, who was en route to Nairobi from a golf occasion away, was engaged with the accident after a business truck smashed his vehicle on the front side.” The casualty of the mishap still stays unknown and as indicated by Shaffie Weru, his companion, the unfortunate casualty experienced minor wounds and was taken to Agha Khan where he was dealt with and released.

The mishap anyway still stays a riddle for the residents to comprehend as the two media characters deny the claims. The reason for the mishap has likewise been unidentified yet the police are chipping away at it.

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