Sat. Jan 18th, 2020


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Camera Leaked! Eric Omondi dirty dance with Vera Sidika and Aothee…See Video

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The three were partying together in Mombasa – Eric and his partners decided to rule the dancefloor and delivered a routine no one would ever forget – The comedian appeared to be excited and could not get enough of the action Comedian Eric Omondi was captured eating life (read Akothee and Vera Sidika) with a big spoon. The slender man feasted his eyes, hands and body on two women during an action-packed night in the club.

In a video making rounds on the internet, the father of one was seen with his hands full as he tried to catch a breath while shaking his ‘fundamentals’ during Boxing Day. The funnyman left the dancefloor sweating profusely after first clasping his hands around Akothee’s waist and grinding against her like an excited party boy.

The two danced like no one was watching and had the time of their lives while the rest of Mombasa learnt their ways. Akothee who was draped in a tiny crop top put her hands around the comedian’s neck as she flipped her hair from side to side while dancing to the DJ’s beats.

The two were silent and all they did was share a moment of fun, cheer and dare. Shortly after, Vera joined in and sandwiched the tiny man as she bounced her goodies to the melody in the background. She then turned and served Eric with some booty magic as he struggled to breathe and keep himself from fainting. The lucky chap handled his awesome ‘threesome’ with grace and showed his fellow men just how it is done.

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