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He is worth 13.5M! Meet Luwi of Maria; Man Citizen TV Fans Can’t Get Enough of

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Things you didn't know about Luwi Hausa of Maria on citizen tv

Maria is a local TV series which aired during the week as from 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm. It features Maria a teenage girl as the main character who comes from the slums and is uneducated.

Luwi Hausa is another character in the series where he seems to be in love with the slum girl Maria. He is a spoilt child who despised Maria but later fall in love with her. Below are some facts about him.

While his sense of fashion has never come into question, the choices in his love life raise eyebrows and are no doubt the source of gasps and multiple hand gestures of frustrations from the viewers in many Kenyan living rooms who are tuned in.

Brian Ogana identifies with his character Luwi on their shared sense of fashion.

Embodying the character and adding his own personal flair is Brian Martins Ogana. This 32-year-old thespian and born-again Christian talks to explaining just what it takes to play such a flamboyant character but still maintain his relatable charm.

Despite doing a degree course in Computer engineering, he later changer and did journalism. He is also a writer, communication strategist and a thespian. Brian Ogana works with Good News Broadcasting System (GBS) as a news anchor, host and reporter. He is also an actor, where acting is his part-time job. 

Are you dating?

Yes, I’m dating. But, she’s not in the public domain.

Luwi and his Daughter and son

Who’s the funniest person in the cast in real life?

Ben the chef, Koros the driver and Lorna the head of servants. 

How do you prepare for crying scenes?

The tears are real!

Well for the crying scenes I summon all the painful experiences I have endured in life, and then the person who is my co-star on the scene also contributes to the crying, because theirs is just something when you go down the memory lane and think of the painful experiences and look into someone’s eyes, one tends to break down.

How alike and different are you to your character (Luwi)?

We are so much different. Brian as a person is a cool, shy, God-fearing person and takes time to asses a situation. On the other hand, Luwi is dramatic, egocentric and a spoilt brat ( but we share a trait, both of us have a keen eye when it comes to dressing and style).

Brian Ogana and Bridget Shighadi on a poster for Maria that airs on Citizen TV from Monday to Friday at 7:30 p.m

What made you say yes to playing Luwi on Maria?

I chose the role simply because of the plot and storyline, and I fell in love with the character because it would push me to the limit, because, in case you didn’t notice Louis (Luwi) Hausa plays along with so many emotions and switches between being sad, happy, dramatic, drunk and so on.

How would rate the Film/Arts industry progression?

As an artist, I would say we are still far from it, but we have come a long way. I can’t really compare now and 10 years ago.  If you are keen you will notice, the patterns have changed in terms of quality in cinematography, a new breed of thespians coming up and amazing content being developed.

All in all the industry is gradually shaping up, and I believe in a few years to come we will have something to smile about. So, as an artist instead of complaining of how the industry is, I play the little part I have in shaping the industry.

What do you do when you are not acting?

I love cooking, swimming, reading, and work on my sartorial suit business.

Brian Ogana plays the role of Luwi Hausa in Maria, a show that airs on Citizen TV from Monday to Friday at 7:30 p.m.

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