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Wabebe Mourns, Willis Raburu takes a break from Citizen TV

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I love you all, you make me who I am. See you soon. Successful people look like you! WABEBEE!”

Citizen Tv’s, Willis Raburu took to Instagram to declare that he has taken a break from Citizen Tv and Hot96.

The media character uncovered that he was in vast agony, something that made him reset his viewpoint throughout everyday life. He proceeded to include that he couldn’t unveil what was happening yet he required a brief break from work obligations with the goal that he and his better half could overcome the movements.

“Over the past few days my heart has been shattered and torn in to several pieces. The pain I have felt has been immeasurable and one that words fail to aptly capture. It has left me with several questions and literally reset my outlook on life. I may not be able to share the full extent of it all but I cannot bear it alone. I am therefore going to be taking a short break from work and my duties on @1010fanpage @citizentvkenya @hothappyhour and @hot96fmkenya to allow for my wife and I to get through the motions.” Read part of Willis Raburu’s post.

Willis Raburu takes a break from Citizen TV after losing unborn child

A post seen by brakztech uncovered that Mr Willis and his significant other Mary Prude had lost their unborn kid after his better half formed difficulties coming about into a still birth.

“God called our little baby angel home. We got into labor but there was some complications and a clot so we pushed out a still birth. My heart is completely broken. She is such a beautiful baby, now she is a beautiful angel” Read a post 

Mr Willis revealed that they were trying to be strong even though they were absolutely devastated.

Emotional Willis Raburu takes a break from Citizen TV

“We were all waiting for a baby but God called her home. My angel Adana is on the other side now looking over us and we will do her proud” Read the post.

Willis expressed gratitude toward the individuals who might be doing the shows for his sake and the individuals who kept on lifting him and his significant other through supplication and mentioned them to go on until he had returned to the screens and the radio.

“While I am away several people will be holding fort for me, the shows will go on. I want to thank them in advance for heeding the abrupt call to action. I want to say thank you for those in the know who continue to lift my wife and I in prayer and ask that you continue to do so up until the time I will be back on your screens and on your radio! I love you all, you make me who I am. See you soon. Successful people look like you! WABEBEE!”

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