Sat. Jan 18th, 2020


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Close Look At Governor Joho’s Ksh 55,000 T-Shirts!

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"I Dress Not less than Ksh 100,000 per day"

Indeed he got it!

So its a well known fact that Governor Hassan Joho is a man with costly style and great feeling of design! What’s more, thus his Versace T-shirt has given numerous Kenyans motivation to talk in the wake of figuring out the amount it cost.

All things considered, having seen him step out wearing shoes worth Ksh 100,000 or more along these lines it is nothing unexpected that he would purchase a T-shirt going for $ 550.

The representative is seen shaking the T-shirt during one of his excursions abroad and from the remarks left by his fans; it’s conspicuous to tell that they venerate his style.

This is anyway by all account not the only costly T shirt he possesses. So far he has been seen shaking a few costly creator brands and this may very well be the start!

The following are a couple photographs of the costly T-shirt’s he possesses – and I can guarantee you that Joho certainly doesn’t purchase his garments from a similar seller Mike Sonko gets his garments from.

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