‘Am Now Clean’ Ex-porn addict Mwakazi reveals how he got hooked

Previous Citizen TV reporter Mwakazi has opened up on his battle against pornography habit saying that he was first presented by a colleague. He was just in class eight. “I ... Continue Reading →

“Am i your Husband or your brother?” Gospel singer, Bahati publicly slams wife

Being Bahati’ Reality TV show has freely excited embarrassments in the artist’s family unit without stop. On the as of late publicized ‘Being Bahati’ scene, ... Continue Reading →

“I wash my face with my morning pee” Former Tahidi High actress Jolene shares how she uses Urine to make her skin flawless.

Women have been known to look for some offbeat methods for keeping up their magnificence from utilizing honey bee venom to applying winged animal’s loss so as to have or keep ... Continue Reading →

Don’t marry my daughter if you can’t put wine on the table.

So far I wager Akothee’s fans comprehend that she gets a kick out of the chance to carry on with a joyful life; and in the event that anything her little girl’s are emulating ... Continue Reading →

Finally This is What Lillian Muli ‘hides’ under her wigs

Gone are the days when the sole reason for a wig was to shroud a messy hair day. These days numerous ladies are grasping wigs to spare their hairlines from footing alopecia which ... Continue Reading →

Legs are there to be opened and I get paid for that. AKOTHEE BLASTS KENYANS.

Well, If you are still in your feelings because singer Akothee opened her legs while on stage and went on to pose in very suggestive ways, she has a message for you: She doesn’t ... Continue Reading →

Fred omondi: “He fooled us that he was out of drugs, that’s where we went wrong”

Comedian Fred Omondi has revealed that his late brother Joseph Omondi derailed them while they were trying to help him fight drug addiction after he managed to convince them ... Continue Reading →

Finally here is the handsome son of Churchill comedian Karis

Churchill show comedian Karis has revealed his newborn son’s face for the first time. In a post on Instagram, the new dad shared a picture of himself carrying his son whom he ... Continue Reading →

Meet former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho’s x Kenyan lover

In 2010, a Kenyan lass by the name Lelesit Silvana made national news after claiming former Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho was madly in love with her. According to the ... Continue Reading →

DIAM!! What are you using? HAPPY 45TH BIRTHDAY Julie Gichuru.

Kenyans have been left amazed yet again by ex-Citizen TV news anchor Julie Gichuru as she turns a year older. Gichuru was born in  7 January 1974. She is now 45 years ... Continue Reading →